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Step in the globe of the most good-looking, soft comfy, top quality Pashmina from Nepal. High Himalayan welcomes you with full heart. The world of Pashmina, Nepal is better known as the country where it lies the highest peak on the earth. It is also renowned as land of Himalayan, rightly for its geography, 1/3 of which is covered by Himalayan Ranges. And Pashmina is an extravagance, fine cashmere collected from the primer of the Himalayan mountain goat that roams freely in the Himalayas.

For centuries, the Royalties and the wealthiest women in Nepal and other neighboring countries have relied on the fine Pashmina products to adorn their shoulders. These Pashmina have been handed down from generation to generation as a treasure to be handled with care and flaunted at ease. Stylish women over the globe uses Pashmina as the icing on the cake of their designer wears. It surely gives classic looks and can be worn casually and as a party wear as well.

Himalayan Mountain goat, Carpa Hircus, sheds its winter coat every spring. One goat sheds about 3-8 ounces of the fiber. Since it can be collected only once a year and that too in such small amounts, Pashmina is not only a luxury item and is equally rare.

High Himalaya Garment manufactures and delivers Pashmina Scarves & Pashmina Shawls to the places all over the globe. It is registered under the Nepal Government rules and regulation which is registered under the Private Firm Registration Act, 1957.

We, High Himalaya Garments mostly work on exclusive products that you found rarely in the market. We also produce woven shawls in different width, patterns, colors and more. Similarly, we produce knitted Cashmere shawl, sweater, cardigan, top, blankets etc. The company is managed by very skilled and professional technical team who holds more than decades old experience in Pashmina business.

Normally, 28nm is very popular yarns and we use it for shawl. Also, we use 54nm, 80nm, 200nm, 28nm, 100nm as well. The purity of cashmere is up to 98% and the fiber length is 32-36nm and the fiber micron with 14.5-15.5 micron. The short fiber makes the garment soft for some time, but later it pills very fast. The longer hair adds more beauty for the garments. Sometimes our customers follow the lab test to their concern lab and they come up with are a satisfied result.

Most of our buyers are confused with the term Pashmina. Actually, the pashmina were very popular since 1997 and it became very hot cake and especially more popular when it was used by Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, every quality or any material is used to mention as Pashmina due to the absence of legal definition of Pashmina. Still the word Pashmina is not defined as Cashmere. Cashmere is well known since centuries and it is still popular and it has specific definition and we should be careful while using the word.

Well, most of the people have illusion with the word of pashmina. We should dare to define the Pashmina as Cashmere. The legal definition of Pashmina helps to promote the Pashmina business in a proper way. Besides, it was more famous with the word Pashmina in Japan but the American people ignored it. American and European people loves to name it Cashmere rather than Pashmina due to lack of its proper definition.

We are in cashmere export business since 1998 and are surviving on the basis of quality. Along with quality service, we check each and every details in different steps and it is causing the quality assurance in an effective mode. Our high skilled workers and more than half workers are ladies.

High Himalayan Garments use the best cashmere raw material that is possible. The best fiber of micron 15.5 and longest fiber are used in our raw material, so it is durable and minimalize the pilling problem. We carry out regular check up with the world’s renowned lab testing company. Also, we only source from genuine and trustworthy supplier.

Check out the range (by blends) of our standard Pashmina product:
70% Cashmere 30% Silk
80% Cashmere 20% Silk
50% Cashmere 50% Silk
100% Cashmere
100% Silk made of 70% Pashmina(Cashmere) & 30% finer silk to 80 % Pashmina & 20% Silk, 100% Silk, 100% Cashmere etc. This gives the butteries soft hand at the same time maintaining the integrity of Pashmina. The higher percentage of Pashmina keeps our material light and truly season less, something you will shoulder once and again no matter which time of the year!

All our products are available in Solid and Shaded colors. Our value-added line includes Embroidered, beaded, pearl embroidered and beaded tassels. All the embroideries are made by hand and are very intricate. Since we dye by hand and match to master color samples, dye batches can vary by 5 percent. Please click the chart and find the color swatches

There should be good understanding on some variation on weaving, dyeing or in finishing due the nature of hand made. Some pieces can vary even if they belong to the same category.
Shawl: Beaded, Jacquard, Reversible, Plain, Swarovski, Embroidery
Sweater: Gents and Woman Cardigan and Pullover from 3 gauge to 16 gauge. (From very thick to very thin)
Blankets, Shawls, Stoles, Scarf, Bag, Different designs of Weaved Shawl, Shaded, beaded and Fabric by yard and other customized products.
We manufacture in Cardigan, Twin Set, collar Neck, V Neck, Key Hole Neck, Round Neck, Turtle Neck, Hi Neck, Polo Shirt, Top, Skirt etc.
Actually, we do produce customer�s design with their specifications.
100% Cashmere (for autumn and winter)
15% Cashmere 85% Silk (for summer and spring)
30% Cashmere and 70% Bamboo (for summer and spring)
50% Wool and 50% Cashmere
To minimize the pilling problem, we recommend to use the blends yarn.

We confirm the order after the sample approval which is very important to sustain the business relation. First of all, we prefer to make a sample. After the approval of the sample, we will confirm the customers order.

You just need to provide us order in detail, designs, and sizes in centimeter, colors with detailed information. We accept the information in word file or sketch pdf or jpeg file.

Payment Mode:
We accept Advance Payment or Letter of Credit (irrevocable and (+Twenty Thousand over). Order with below ten thousand US Dollar value, we accept 100% advance payment with the confirmation of the order. For the above Ten Thousand US Dollar, we request to wire 50% with the confirmation of the order and 50% payment before custom clearance.
When the goods gets ready, they are shipped by next day and the goods that are not in stock might take two to four weeks (normally). We quote you FOB, Nepal or C&F destination. For the FOB price, it includes all the expenses including the cost of goods, packaging, document preparation, custom clearance and forwarding. In this case, it excludes your duty/tax or home delivery.
We can calculate the airfreight or home delivery cost after the order is confirmed, then we do offer C&F price.
By Air Cargo, normally it takes three days to seven days and by DHL/FedEx it takes three to seven days depending the destination.

Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal
Nepal Pashmina Industries Association
Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industries